AC Woocommerce to Lite

The only free plugin that links your Woocommerce Webshop to!

The AC Woocommerce to Lite plugin makes it possible to connect your Woocommerce webshop to your sales account. This way you ensure that your webshop and always run parallel to each other.

– Product synchronization: Synchronize your Woocommerce products directly with, so that your stock is always the same
– Sync Woocommerce prices with

– Only works for products that do not have sizes, colors and grams attached (simple products).

Pro  Features

Everything from the lite version
Also works for products containing multiple sizes, colors and grams (variable products).
Publish your Woocommerce products on
Choose whether Woocommerce should continue the prices or not
Set up pricing rules. For example, a percentage or a fixed price margin on the sales price from Woocommerce.
Sync orders from to your Woocommerce webshop
Process directly from your Woocomere webshop
Choose from which field the EAN should be copied. For example the SKU field, attribute or custom field
Choose a delivery time per product or in general for all products

More info about AC Woocommerce to PRO

From WordPress
1. Go to Plugins -> Add New

Search for AC Woocommerce to
3. Activate Woocommerce to from your plugins page

1. Upload theac-woocommerce-to-bol folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate AC Woocommerce to from your plugins page

1. In the WordPress menu, go to Allround Connect -> Settings
2. Enter the CLient ID and Client secret at API.

You can create this via: -> API settings.

Then click on Create under Client credentials.
Enter a name there, for example Webshop and click on Yes, add. Add your Client ID and secret to the plugin settings.

Synchronize products
1. Go to Products -> All Products
2. Click on the “Sync Products” button. The price and stock will now be taken over from Woocommerce.

Does the price or stock of your product change afterwards? Then it will also be changed on!

Tip: Do you only want to synchronize the price and stock for certain products with Then select these products, click on bulk actions and choose Publish to and click on Apply.